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Welcome to Sunday service at 10.30 AM and 7 PM

We meet every Sunday at 10.30 AM and 7 PM. Everyone is welcome here at Nyvej 7, Frederiksberg!


WELCOME Sunday service every Sunday at 10.30 and 7 PM at Frederikeberg, Nyvej 7. There will be Children’s church at the 10.30 service.

Visit the Sunday Service-page for more information.

Children’s church

The children are divided into 3 age groups: MIKRO (age 2-3), MIDI (age 4-9), and MAXI (age 10-12).

During the noon service, kids will join the morning worshipping, and afterwards, they will meet in the basement for the children’s church.

Read more about children’s church, age segments and more

Network groups

In Copenhagen Vineyard we don’t just have network groups, we see ourselves as consisting of network groups. So it is an essential part of our idea of being a church together.

And especially during this time, the network groups are essential. And you are always welcome to join.

If you are not part of a network group, take a look HERE and find a group.
All groups are open and the network group leaders are always happy to include more in their nice groups.

If you have questions or need help finding a group – call Anne Aagaard (+45 5353 9355) and she will be happy to help you!


Would you like to talk to someone about the challenges in your life?

Copenhagen Vineyard offers counseling and our team consists of counselors of different age groups, gender and educational background. We believe that talking to someone can make a difference. We will listen to you, ask questions, offer advice and pray with you. Maybe you are in the process of making an important decision in your life or have broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend; Maybe you doubt God, struggle with low self-esteem, or are in the middle of a conflict or something else. The counseling sessions are not therapy. However, we can refer you to a professional therapist in case you need one.

We offer 1-3 conversations with a counselor from the team. Each conversation lasts for an hour. You and your counselor agree on a time, and then you can call each other or meet at zoom.

All conversations are confidential.

Read more here

Do you want to speak with a counselor or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our coordinator Maria Lysholm at
Do you want to be part of the counseling team, please contact Anne Aagaard at


If you are new to Copenhagen Vineyard, we have gathered some information to help you along the way. Find it here.

Newcomer’s dinner

Welcome to our newcomer’s dinner. Here the pastors will share about the church, the vison and history. You will meet other new people in the church, and you can ask all your questions :) We will provide the food for free – you just have to show up!:) There are two kinds of newcomer’s dinner:
Evening dinner with no kids from 18-20 a Tuesday night (next date: 29th of March)
Sunday lunch after the service, family-friendly from 12-14 (Next date: 6. march 2022)

Contact the church

Get in touch with the pastors, the office or other staff. Find information here:

You are welcome to contact us, if you need to talk, a prayer or something else.
You can also contact the counseling team if you need some longer talks over a period of time. They will be happy to help you!

Mercy Outreach and Covid-19 response

The corona virus is a global crisis. In Myanmar, most people live from hand-to-mouth without any savings, and we face a time when people will have to tackle challenges that go far beyond the health problems caused by the virus.

We have already started to see this as many people have already lost their income due to the closure of factories. Families are now being forced to send their children out in child labor, and we will see greater trafficking in women in the vulnerable areas around our centers.

Mercy Outreach is ready with a plan to help combat the biggest problems that this lack of work and basic necessities will cause. We have already purchased medicine to help 8,000 people, and we have begun to manufacture and freely distribute masks to our surrounding community using the existing sewing training facilities.

At the same time, our women’s groups have started mass-producing soap and hand sanitizer. In addition, we will distribute food to the families we work with. We also produce and distribute posters with key information on how to prevent and deal with the spread of the virus.

Our goal is:

– Medicine for 8000 people
– 36,000 masks
– 7.5 ton of food for 40,000 meals
– 16,000 bottles of soap and hand sanitizers

We know we can make a big difference in the lives of many people, but we need your support. Visit our website,, and read more about how you can help make a difference.

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