Copenhagen Vineyard is an organization that does not receive state aid, therefore, we are dependent on private donors. Thank you for supporting our church and our vision of making a difference in Copenhagen.

Donations on a regular basis

If you wish to support the church on a regular basis, you can create a payment service, either online og by downloading the form and printing it at home (see links below). If you fill it in by hand, you are able to give it to the coordinator on Sundays.

Also, you can pay by bank transfer to 8401 – 0001087842 (Merkur Bank). To receive tax deduction for your donation, we need to know your CPR number.

You can receive tax deduction for donations up to 17,000 DKK pr. year (2021). This opportunity is called §8a. If you wish to donate more than 17,000 DKK per year, it is possible to sign up for a committed donation, which gives you certain advantages (read below).

Your information is handled safely by our partner Collectaz Aps.

Committed donation

If you wish to donate more than DKK 17,000 per year, you can sign up for a committed donation with what is called “§12”. This gives you the opportunity to deduct all your donations up to 15% of your annual income.
It is important to know that this commitment is for 10 years, unless you during this time withdraw your membership from the church.

For more information on this solution, please contact the administration at or call +45 3331 6667.

Donate now


You can make a donation to the bank account at Merkur Bank.

Our registration number is 8401 – our account number is 0001087842.

Remember to mark your donation “donation”. If you wish to get a tax deduction, we need to know your CPR number.


You can give a gift through MobilePay at the number 30865.
Remember to mark it “donation”.

If you wish to receive a tax deduction, we need to know your cpr. number.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our administration
Tuesday-Friday at 12 am – 3 pm.

Negin Hamidi

+45 3331 6667

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