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Get involved in Copenhagen Vineyard

Everyone gets to play!

“Everyone gets to play” is a classic Vineyard quote that captures the essence of what our church is about. Everyone can get involved regardless of time, faith, competencies, age, gender, etc. You are more than welcome to volunteer with us. You can help us in different areas. Feel free to fill in your contact info and we will help to place you in an area of your interest.

Welcoming team

Help welcoming new and old people at the church. We will get along whether we come with ‘inner’ or ‘outer’ morning hair. Write to Victoria Rousing ( and join an extremely amazing team!

Café / bar team

Become a part of the café / bar team, and help spreading an including and comfortable atmosphere. You can either dispatch in the bar, help creating events, or prepare the café for sunday service. A comfortable team, that continuously is making the café environment even more comfortable. Get in touch with Natalie Lomax ( for joining.

Sunday service team

Join the Sunday service team and get to know a lot of people! A lot of people are involved in the sunday services, and there are many different areas where you can serve. You can manage the monitor, translate to English, coordinate the entire sunday service, help making coffee, serve for the communion, coordinate the post-sunday service intercession, cook at the Sunday noon service, and lots of other things. Catch Maria Hinge ( for joining the team.

Music and worship

In Vineyard, we love music and worshipping which is also a big part of out sunday services. Would you like to join a band, and can you sing or play, then write to Maria Lundbak Hinge ( for details.

Kids church

Not only are out kids our future, but they’re also our present. We want to learn our kids about a loving, and caring God from their early childhood on. We take kids’ spirituality seriously and you are invited to take part in that mission. You end up receiving more than giving. Contact our ambitious, and competent children’s pastor, Kathrine Chercka ( for making a difference in a kid’s life.

Serve Copenhagen

We love Copenhagen! And as a church, we want to be there for others than ourselves – and there are so many needs in the city.
We have a visiting service at the brothels and massage clinics around the city, we have a fellowship with both refugees and members of the church, where there is a distribution of food. Furthermore, we have a prison visit service in Herstedvester, a huge Christmas gift event, and much more. For further details contact Kirstin Hauge ( for more details.

Property and garden

Do you have a good grip, or do you have green fingers? Then come and help make the outer area of the church even better. We are a nice team that do restoration, shed building, gardening, and we hang up shelves too. Contact Negin Hamidi ( for details regarding how to become a part of the team.

The staff

The staff is a group of 20-25 people that have chosen to work part time at their work or study in order to being able to give one day a week to the church. We are a working fellowship that work ambitiously and hard in order to serve our church, and make the church even better. But we are also a wandering fellowship that experiences what it means to live with Jesus in our life and service. For checking out who is in the staff team, click here. For joining the staff team, contact Anne Aagaard (

Administration team

Do you like organizing and coordinating things? Then become a part of our administration team. For instances, you can assist with adhoc administrative tasks, and be a part of the team that ensures that everything is properly coordinated. Contact Negin Hamidi ( for joining the administration team.

Event team

Come and be a part of our event team! We have lots of events and parties at the church. For kids, grownups, women, network group leaders, christmas party guests, and new year’s party guests, and lots of other people. Contact Anne Aagaard ( regarding being a member of this team.

Vineyard youth

Do you burn for working with young people? We have an expanding group of teenagers at the church, and we need more people that want to make a difference in their lives. Get in touch with Emil Rindom ( regarding being a member of this team.

Mercy Outreach

We as a church has recruited a couple to Myanmar where they do a overwhelming good job by building community centres, resquing women from trafficing and lots of other stuff. The organization is run by voluntary resources, and if you would like to be a part of Mercy Outreach, contact Kirstin Hauge Mortensen (, and learn how you can get involved with SoMe, jewellry sales, website editing for instances. You can also read more at


Do you need an internship by chance? We are capable of making an agreement with the jobcenter about an internship in relation to finding a job. Furthermore, we can also offer an internship in relation to your study. Contact Negin Hamidi ( for further details.

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