What is a Network Group?

A Network Group is a fellowship where we share life and faith with each other. The groups comprise of 8-12 people and are always open to newcomers.

The groups below are English-speaking groups. At times we also have Spanish-speaking groups. You are welcome to check out the groups in Danish as well. They are categorized as Classic Network Groups, Theme Network Groups and Family Network Groups.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Every 2nd tuesday at 6.30PM

Jackie Ogutu
/ ogutu.jackie@gmail.com

Liselotte Bengtson
/ 6016 3951 / l.bengtsen@hotmail.com

Every 2nd wednesday at 5.30PM
Hvidovre / Amager / Rødovre

Thomas Balle Roswall
31 63 40 34 / thomas@yfc.com

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