What is a Network Group?

A Network Group is a fellowship where we share life and faith with each other. The groups comprise of 8-12 people and are always open to newcomers.

The groups below are both Danish-speaking groups and English-speaking groups. At times we also have Spanish-speaking groups. You are welcome to check out the groups and write to the leader’s. They are just waiting for you call:)

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Every 2nd Tuesday
at 6.30 PM

We meet at Frederiksberg or Østerbro

Jackie Ogutu
/ ogutu.jackie@gmail.com

Liselotte Bengtson
/ 6016 3951 / l.bengtsen@hotmail.com

Every 2nd Wednesday
at 5.30 PM

> For families <

Hvidovre / Amager / Rødovre

Thomas Balle Roswall
31 63 40 34 / thomas@yfc.com

Every 2nd Wednesday
at 7-9 PM

We meet in Copenhagen North West

Anne Aagaard
5353 9355 / anneaagaard@vineyard.dk

Every 2nd Thursday
at 5-7 PM

> For small/new families <

We meet in the church and we eat together

Natalie Lomax
9386 7939 / natalie@vineyard.dk

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