Welcome Lunch/dinner

Our pastors regularly host a welcome lunch/dinner for newcomers. During the event, you have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the values and mission of Copenhagen Vineyard. It takes place at Copenhagen Vineyard either a Tuesday evening or after the morning service on Sunday.
Next dates:
Sunday the 6th of March from 12-14
Tuesday the 29th of March from 18-20

New in Faith

Are you exploring faith in God? We highly recommend our Alpha course. At this course, you get to ask questions such as: Does my life make a difference? Does God exist? Is God good? We try to answer these questions as we explore our faith together.

Network groups

A Network group is worth a visit, we meet in smaller groups during the week. A Network group is an essential part of our church, where we get to share our life experiences and faith on a more personal level. All groups are open to anyone. There is always room for more!

Address List

Subscribe to our address list and become a member of the Copenhagen Vineyard. Subscribing to the address list helps us to easily help you into our fellowship.

A Church for children

We are a church that highly values children in our fellowship. We have a children’s service on Sundays, a Nursery during the week, a maternity leave group and other family network groups.

Welcome talk

We would love to learn to know you better! Therefore, when you become a member of the church, you will be contacted by one of the priests, that will invite you for a welcome talk. That is an opportunity to learn more about the church, getting to know the priests, and ask questions that you might have, in order to be included, inspired and involved in the church.

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