Would like to talk to someone about the challenges in your life?

Copenhagen Vineyard offers counseling and our team consists of counselors of different age groups, gender and education background. We believe that talking to someone can make a difference. We want to listen to you, ask questions, offer advise and pray with you.

Maybe you are in the process of making an important decision in your life or have broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend; Maybe you doubt God, struggle with low self-esteem, or are in the middle of a conflict or something else.

The counseling sessions are not therapy. However, we can refer you to a professional therapist in case you need one.

We offer 1-3 conversations with a counselor from the team. Each conversation lasts for an hour. You and your counselor agree on place and time. All conversations are confidential.

Do you want to speak with a counselor or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our coordinator Maria Lysholm at

Do you want to be part of the counseling team, please contact Anne Aagaard at

THE COUNSELING TEAM (some of them):

Kaare Madsen


I am 58 years old and has been married to Lotte for 25 years. I have been a christian since 1990, and grew up in a non-christian family. I’m a father to two grownup sons. I like outdoor living, hunting, fishing, sailing ect. I could talk to you about fathership, family, marriage, kids, working life, and belief in that context.

Together with Lotte, we would like to offer counseling regarding relationship, family life, kids/teenagers ect.

Lotte Madsen


I have been a christian for many years. I have been married to Kaare for 25 years. We have two grownup sons together, and I have a daughter from a previous marriage. As a family, we’ve been living abroad for many years. I’d like to offer counseling regarding motherhood, kids, divorce, family ect.

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