Family Time

Come as you are!
Together we are a family!

Family Time invites you to a cozy and social fellowship with a lot of coffee, cake, games and music. We have a creative area for children, games and face painting. We end the the day by having dinner together. Dinner is of course is free.

Come and join us. Bring a friend with you. Family Time is for all age groups. We look forward to spending time with you.

We meet on the last Saturday of the month at København Vineyard, Nyvej 7, Frederiksberg, from 3:00PM – 6:00PM.

Follow us on Facebook/FamilyTimeEvents or keep an eye on our website to get more info about upcoming Family Time events.

Thursday Café

Thursday Café offers an relaxed, social fellowship where there is room for everyone. Our café is open 1 Thursday each month where you are free to socialize, meet other people or get help for homework. Keep an eye out for our Facebook event for the theme of the day. We finish the Thursday Café with a light dish.

Come and join, and feel free to bring a friend. Thursday Café is for everyone – kids, grownups, young people, elderly people, singles, and families. We are looking forward to your company!

We meet once a month at Copenhagen Vineyard, Nyvej 7, Frederiksberg on 16.00-18.30.

If you have more questions, please contact Kirstin, Louise or Monika.

Kirstin H. Mortensen

Louise Lysholm

Monika Lind

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