Night Light Café

An inter-church cafe at Vesterbro

Night Light Café is an inter-church cafe, for foreign women, who work as prostitutes at Vesterbro. Our purpose is to create a cozy and safe place, where women can come straight from the street, during the night and be met with acceptance. We meet the women with spaciousness, love and respect for their culture and beliefs.

Together with other churches in Copenhagen, Copenhagen Vineyard helped to establish Night Light Cafe. This is because Danish churches stand together to spread God’s hope and light, particularly, in areas that highly affected by prostitution. We do this in various ways, for instance, through African praise and worship, prayer, conversations and creating a good atmosphere for the women.

Night Light Cafe is open every Thursday night from 12:00 PM – 3:00 AM, at the crypt of Elias’ Church at Vesterbro Torv.

At Night Light Café, only women can participate as volunteers. However, both men and women can be prayer volunteers. This means that you pray for Night Light Cafe, especially, on the evenings it is open. As a volunteer, you are on duty once every 3 weeks on average.

For more info about Night Ligt Cafe, about joining as a volunteer and a prayer volunteer, please contact Kirstin.

Kirstin Hauge Mortensen
Pastoral staff

60 21 35 61

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