Plan A

Visit Team

Plan A is Copenhagen Vineyard’s Visit Team that reaches out to women at the Brothels and Thai massage clinics. Our purpose is to bring God’s love to some of the most vulnerable, lonely and oppressed people in our City. We desire to spread God’s hope and light in the darkest areas of our city. Plan A’s primary goal is to meet the women with dignity, care and the love of Jesus. Our visits are based on building long term friendships, offering prayer, providing care, showing respect and interest in their lives.

Plan A has a Prayer Team, which focuses on praying for the Visit Team, while they are out visiting the women in Brothels and Thai massage clinics. The Prayer Team goes out on the streets to pray for God’s light to shine in areas most affected by prostitution. However, the Prayer Team does not enter the brothels or Thai massage clinics.

We believe that prayer is an essential part of spreading God’s light in the dark, and through prayer we support Plan A’s vision of seeing Jesus’ love and light shine in our city.

Every other Thursday at 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Would you like to hear more about Plan A, please contact Anne.

Anne Joy Aagaard Nielsen

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