Team of pastors

Flemming Mølhede
Senior Pastor

Leadership and strategy, church planting, pastors’ team, pastoral team and advisory board

Christopher Aagaard

Area Leader (Services, Youth and Teentraining)
21 68 79 75

Anne Joy Aagaard Nielsen

Staff Leader and Area Leader (Network Groups)
53 53 93 55

Hasse Falk Jakobsen

Area Leader (Services, administration and building)
28 51 53 03

Maria Lundbak Hinge
Substitute Pastor and Pastoral staff
Area Leader (Music and Worship)

61 66 75 75

The staff of Copenhagen Vineyard

The staff is a team of motivated people who spend one day every week for the church.
We are both a working community where we work hard and ambitiously for the benefit of our church family,
and we are also a fellowship exploring what it means to follow Jesus in our life and ministry.

Kirstin Hauge Mortensen
Pastoral staff
Area Leader (Serve Copenhagen)

60 21 35 61

Kathrine Jul Chercka
Pastoral staff
Leader of the Children’s Church

28 96 19 00

Christina Ladefoged Bytofte
Administration and office

Office: 33 31 66 67

Gitte Falk Jakobsen
Area Leader (Mercy Outreach)

Simon Philip Sørensen
Assisting Area Leader (Music og worship)

53 61 17 00

Anders Munck Theisen
Assisting Area Leader (Building)

Natalie Lomax Jessen
PA for Flemming Mølhede
Services, Vineyard Nordic

Amalie Nielsen
Network groups

Vera Sønderby Jensen
Network groups

Frederikke Marcher Clausen
PA for Anne Aagaard

Henrik Engedal Nissen
Media and graphics

Louise Lysholm Nielsen
Serve Copenhagen (Family Time)

Maria Lysholm Nielsen
Serve Copenhagen

Michael Vestergaard
Media og graphics

Jeanette Vielsted Holst

Dorte Kirchheiner
Music and Worship

Nikolaj Trolle

Salomé Lind
Serve Copenhagen (Family Time)

Bo Lykke
The building

Janni Fuglsang
Serve Copenhagen (Family Time)

Irina Pedersen

Would you like to join?

Would you like to join this lovely team of people, then contact staff leader Anne Aagaard (, and have a non-binding talk about what you would like to offer or what team might need just one like you at the moment! You can also always get in touch with one of the staff members for further information. There is always room for one more, and we would love to welcome you to the staff.

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